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Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Center has led a number of workshops and seminars and is available for workshops, seminars and speaking engagements in the following areas:

Therapy with the Brain in Mind

An Introduction to the Clinical Application of Neurofeedback – a workshop for mental health practitioners, physicians, and licensed allied health professionals introducing quantitative encephalogram (qEEG) – guided neurofeedback as a primary intervention or an adjunct to traditional treatments for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, ADHD, and PTSD. This workshop is presented in 2 and 6 hour formats. Dr. Center presented this workshop at the 2011 American Association of Christian Counselor’s 25th Anniversary World Conference on 1 Oct 2011.

Basics of Brain-Based Education

A two-day introduction to biopsychology and how the brain learns; designed for public and private school educators, administrators, and staff. The cost of the seminar includes two one-hour presentations (one scheduled in the Fall and one in the Spring of the school year) for parents on the role of sleep, diet, exercise/play, and parental involvement in the learning process.

Neuropsychology for Educators

A four-hour introduction to brain-based education and principles. This seminar is designed for introducing district-level administrators and curriculum specialists to principles of brain-based education.

Talking with Your Kids about Sex and Sexuality

A one, two, or four-hour workshop for parents on how and when to educate children about sex and sexuality from the biblical Christian worldview. The multiple formats provide for deeper exploration of the parents’ role in sex education and additional time for questions.

Sex and Sexuality for Parents of Teens

A four-hour workshop designed for parents who want to engage their teens in productive discussions about sex, sexuality, and making good choices within the biblical Christian worldview.

Sexual Intimacy & Oneness

A two-hour workshop for couples. Designed for marriage retreats, church-based conferences, or as a part of marriage ‘tune-up’ for small groups. The workshop deals with marital sex from the biblical perspective and addresses the most common issues seen in marriage counseling related to sexual difficulties (competing requirements/finding time, too tired, changing bodies and body image, communication, hang-ups and baggage, and other stressors).

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