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Neurofeedback Treatment for ADD/ADHD

Brain circuitry

Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive, alternative option for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents. In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics elevated Neurofeedback therapy (also known as EEG Biofeedback) to a LEVEL ONE intervention for the treatment of ADHD.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding ADD and ADHD. Did you know that there is not just one type of ADHD? In Dr. Amen’s newest edition of his book, “Healing ADD”, he lists SEVEN types of ADD based on his years of clinical work in SPECT brain imaging.

The fact that there are so many types of ADHD means that one specific type of medication will not help every person who is diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, the side effects and possible long term issues as a result of medications also need to be considered in the discussion of treatment.

At Focus for Living, we are able to treat the various kinds of ADHD because we use a brain imaging technique called qEEG to look at brain function. This lets us know which specific areas of the brain to target as we go through the process of training. Click through our website to learn more about Neurofeedback treatment and why it might be right for your child. Please call us today for information regarding your child and treatment options.