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Our Neurofeedback Process

Brain circuitry

Before getting started with neurofeedback, clinicians at Focus for Living will conduct an objective assessment of brain activity and psychological status. The qEEG, MicroCog computerized test of neuropsychological functioning, computerized continuous performance tests, and the clinical interview are the most commonly used assessment tools employed by the clinicians at Focus for Living.

After the assessment, the clinician will go over the results with the client and recommend a treatment plan to address the problem(s) identified in the assessment and the symptoms identified by the client. Think of neurofeedback sessions as personal training for the brain. Training the brain to function at its potential is similar to the way the rest of the body is exercised, toned, and maintained. Neurofeedback exercises the neural pathways that allow the brain to function optimally in a variety of areas.

During a standard session, we will observe brain activity, monitoring several brain wave frequencies. Depending on the specific area of the brain being exercised, we will train your brain activity by inhibiting some activity while rewarding other activity. This process encourages more efficient brain function. The process occurs gradually over the course of 20 – 40 sessions of 30 – 50 minutes each.