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Counseling FAQ

How does counseling work? Should I seek counseling?

Counseling makes sense when you are having trouble coping with a stressful situation or solving a personal problem.  It offers emotional support, new perspectives, and help considering possible solutions.  So if you are in a lot of distress, or feel overwhelmed by a problem, or find that you keep repeating the same mistakes, then you might consider seeking counseling.

We see individuals with the following concerns:

  • psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or substance abuse,
  • broader personal issues, such as communication problems, relationship issues, identity development, or marital and family conflict or divorce.
  • educational issues, such as procrastination, test anxiety, studying difficulties, career counseling, and time managment.
  • crisis situations, such as suicidal thoughts, rape, or the death of someone close.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it does give you a sense of the range of issues we address.

How does counseling work?

There are a variety of counseling approaches tailored for different problems.  In general, counseling is a collaborative process that involves joint problem-solving in a confidential setting. The approach is like having private conversations with a best friend, where your experience is honored and ideas are explored.

Almost all counseling is based on:

  • the development of a trusting and open relationship between the client and the counselor;
  • honest exploration of feelings, needs, and concerns; and
  • efforts to try new solutions to old problems.

Is medication the solution to my problems?

At Focus for Living, we do not take an anti-medication stance. We are firm believers in a holistic approach to treatment.  We believe that, in some cases, medication can provide assistance and initial stabilization.  We are not psychiatrists or medical doctors, so these are decisions that must be made under medical care.

However, we do believe that medication often causes additional side effects, is state based and often does not provide a long term solution to mental and emotional problems.  Medication may give temporary relief of mental symptoms, yet the issues creating the symptoms must eventually be addressed for final freedom. 

Counseling can help facilitate lasting growth and change by providing skills and assistance to overcome life’s difficulties. Additionally, we can equip you through biofeedback training, enabling you to have more control over moods and create more stability.

At Focus for Living, we also offer Neurofeedback (brain training) along with counseling, which can assist in reduction or elimination of medications. We also offer nutraceutical supplements specifically tailored to your body’s physiology that can help your brain and body function more normally.