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Focus for Living, Focused for Life

Our Approach to Counseling


Counseling at Focus is like having meaningful conversations with a friend who really wants to see you do well. Our main approach involves Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is an evidence based approach. You are helped to gain control of unhealthy emotions and behaviors. This is also consistent with scripture, such as where we are encouraged to “think on things that noble…right…pure…lovely…and admirable.” Phil. 4:8. At Focus for Living we work alongside you to help you evaluate problem thought patterns so that you can take greater control of your feelings, choices, actions and future.

We routinely use standard assessment tools to aid in diagnosis an treatment planning. Your clinician will discuss with you those tools that could benefit you. They will discuss the need for testing, the cost of each test to be administered, and how the results will be used during the course of therapy.  For example, if you are coming for career coaching, a temperament analysis and interest inventory may be used to help identify your strengths and characteristics, growth areas, and areas needing work. Others may be asked to respond to measures of personality or cognition that will clarify one’s characteristics and patterns that need attention. 

In healing, certain persons may need additional help along with psychotherapy.  In overcoming anxiety, depression, and other emotional and mental stability issues, you may also benefit form “brain training” (Neurofeedback) of from nutraceutical supplements to help your mind work more optimally.  These services can be done one at a time, but you do far better when two or more approaches are combined.

At Focus for Living, we understand that faith and spirituality are important aspects of many people’s overall life experience. The way in which we think about spirituality shapes our overall understanding and interpretation of life. At Focus for Living, clinicians come from a Christian worldview and approach counseling from this framework. However, we are respectful of other faith traditions and belief systems. We may expose our way of seeing life like any friend would, but we never seek to impose our beliefs on anyone.